Dante Simonetti

Assistant Professor, 5532-G Boelter Hall, (310) 267-0169, dasimonetti@ucla.edu


Contact Information

Office: 5532-G Boelter Hall
Phone number: (310) 267-0169

Research Website


  • B.S., University of Notre Dame, 2003
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California-Berkeley, 2008-2010

Research Interests

  • Heterogeneous catalysis and catalytic reaction synthesis
  • Alternative energy and chemicals
  • Conversion of biomass, natural gas, heavy oil, and coal to fuel and chemical precursors
  • Reactive materials for hydrocarbon purification
  • Adsorptive separation processes

Selected Publications and Patents

  • Hazari, N.; Iglesia, E.; Labinger, J. A.; Simonetti, D. A. Selective
    homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic conversion of methanol/dimethyl
    ether to triptane. Accounts in Chemical Research (2012), 45, 653-662.
  • Simonetti, D. A.; Carr, R. T.; Iglesia, E. Acid strength and solvation effects on methylation, hydride transfer, and isomerization rates during catalytic homologation of C1 species. Journal of Catalysis (2012), 285, 19-30.
  • Simonetti, D. A.; Ahn, J. H.; Iglesia, E. Mechanistic details of acid-catalyzed reactions and their role in the selective synthesis of triptane and isobutane from dimethyl ether. Journal of Catalysis (2011), 277, 173-195.
  • Simonetti, D. A.; Ahn, J. H.; Iglesia, E. Catalytic co-homologation of alkanes and dimethyl ether and promotion by adamantane as a hydride transfer
    co-catalyst. ChemCatChem (2011), 3, 704-718.
  • Simonetti, D. A. and Dumesic, J. A. Catalytic production of liquid fuels from
    biomass-derived oxygenated hydrocarbons: catalytic coupling at multiple
    length scales. Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering (2009) 51(3),
  • Kunkes, E. L.; Simonetti, D. A.; West, R. M.; Serrano-Ruiz, J. C.; Gartner, C. A.; Dumesic, J. A. Catalytic conversion of biomass to monofunctional
    hydrocarbons and targeted liquid-fuel classes. Science (2008), 322,
  • Simonetti, D. A.; Kunkes, E. L.; Rass-Hansen, J.; Soares, R. R.; Dumesic, J. A. Coupling of glycerol processing with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for
    production of liquid fuels. Green Chemistry (2007), 9(10), 1073-1083.
  • Soares, R. R.; Simonetti, D. A.; Dumesic, J. A. Glycerol as a source for fuels and chemicals by low-temperature catalytic processing. Angewandte
    Chemie, International Edition (2006), 45(24), 3982-3985.
  • Simonetti, D. A.; Kanazirev, V. I.; Traynor, T. J. Method of removing mercury from a fluid stream using high capacity copper adsorbents. US Patent 8876952
  • Dumesic, J. A; Simonetti, D. A.; Kunkes, E. L. Single Reactor Process for
    Producing Liquid Phase Organic Compounds from Biomass. U.S Patent
    8075642 B2


  • Chemical Engineering 200
  • Chemical Engineering 104B