Yi Tang

Professor, 5532-C Boelter Hall, (310) 825-0375, yitang@ucla.edu

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Contact Information

Office: 5532-C Boelter Hall
Phone number: (310) 825-0375
Fax number: (310) 206-4107

Research Website


  • B.S. Penn State, 1997
  • Ph.D. Caltech, 2002
  • Postdoc, Stanford, 2004


Research Interests

  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Natural Product Biosynthesis

Recent Papers

  • 1. Natural Product Biosynthesis.

    Chooi, Y. H., Cacho, R., Tang, Y.*, “Identification of the Viridicatumtoxin and Griseofulvin Gene Clusters fromPenicillium aethiopicum.” Chem. Biol. 2010, 17, 483-494. Link

    Zhou, H., Li, Y., Tang, Y.*, “Cyclization of Aromatic Polyketides from Bacteria and Fungi.” Nat. Prod. Rep2010, 27, 839-868. Link

    Pickens, L. B., Kim, W., Wang, P., Zhou, H., Watanabe, K., Gomi, S., Tang, Y.* “Biochemical Analysis of the Biosynthetic Pathway of an Anticancer Tetracycline SF2575.” J. Am. Chem. Soc2009, 131, 17677–17689. Link


    Ma, S. A., Li, J., Choi, J. W., Zhou, H., Lee, M., Moorthie, V., Xie, X., Kealey, J. T., Da Silva, N. A., Vederas, J. C.*,Tang, Y.* “Complete Reconstitution of a Highly-Reducing Iterative Polyketide Synthase.” Science 2009, 326, 589-592.Link


    2. Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering

    Gao, X., Xie, X., Pashkov, I., Sawaya, R. M., Laidmen, J., Zhang, W., Cacho, R., Yeates, T. O.*, Tang, Y.* “Directed Evolution and Structural Characterization of a Simvastatin Synthase.” Chem. Biol2009, 16, 1064-1074. Link

    Zhang, W., Li, Y., Tang, Y. “Engineered Biosynthesis of Bacterial Aromatic Polyketides in Escherichia coli.” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 2008, 105, 20683-20685. Link


    Xie, X., Wong, W. W., Tang, Y.* “Improving Simvastatin Bioconversion in Escherichia coli by Deletion of bioH.” Metab. Eng. 2007, 9, 379-386. Link

    3. Biomaterials

    Gu, Z., Tang, Y.*, “Enzyme-Assisted Photolithography for Spatial Functionalization of Hydrogels.” Lab on Chip 2010,in press. (FRONT COVER) Link

    Gu, Z., Yan, M., Hu, B., Joo, K., Biswas, A., Lu, Y.*, Wang, P.*, Tang, Y.* “Protein Nanocapsules Weaved by an Enzymatically Degradable Polymer Network.” Nano. Lett2009, 9, 4533-4538. Link

Courses Teaching

  • Chemical Engineering 100
  • Chemical Engineering 125
  • Chemical Engineering CM145
  • Chemical Engineering 104D
  • Chemical Engineering 104DL
  • Chemical Engineering 245