The AIChE Annual Student Conference Undergraduate Student Poster Competition is a chance for undergraduate chemical engineering students from across the globe to present work they did either as a university researcher or from their internship/co-op. Historically having over 400 students and 100 judges participating, the contest was held virtually on Nov. 16, 2020, and is organized based on content of research. Brandan Taing, 3rd year chemical engineering student, placed 2nd in Group 10 of the Materials Science and Engineering Division. His project, titled “Simulation of Battery Cycling of Different Electrode Architectures Using Porous Electrode Theory” uses MATLAB and COMSOL frameworks to predict the effect of modifying┬átransport properties of lithium-ion battery electrodes on performance, based on existing architectures found in literature. His work was supervised by Kai Narita and Prof. Julia R. Greer of the Greer Research Group and was funded by the Kavli Nanoscience Institute┬áSURF-the-Wave Fellowship Program.