CBE Graduate Student Committee

CBE Graduate Student Committee (GSC)


Our members come from all over the world. Multinational and multicultural backgrounds provide a diversified research and cooperation environment. We pursue, and practice team spirit. We are a team, which is engineered for the success of tomorrow!


Committee Team

President : Defu Li
Vice President of Internal Affairs:   George Yan
Vice President of EXternal Affairs:  John Neilsen
Event Chair: Vaidish Sumaria
Treasurer: Yichi Zhang
Industry Outreach Director: Scarlett Chen
Industry Outreach Director: Ehsan Shirzaei Sani
Industry Outreach Director: Brian Walker
Social Chair: Roxanne Castillo
Social Chair: John Billingsley
Social Chair: Shilin Chen
GSC volunteer: Otto Chang



  • Coffee Hour
  • Happy Hour
  • Research Symposium
  • Industry Outreach Program
  • Banquet
  • New Student Open House & Orientation
  • Field trip
  • Barbeques
  • Career Development Workshop
  • Fellowship/Scholarship Workshop
  • Alumni Network
  • Research Seminar


American Institute of Chemical Engineers at UCLA (AIChE at UCLA)


AIChE at UCLA proudly represents the undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA’s chemical engineering department. As an organization, we provide opportunities for chemical engineering students to thrive academically and professionally. Focusing on the pillars of professional development, mentorship, and technical projects, AIChE provides the necessary resources for chemical engineering students to succeed.


Committee Team

President: Corinna Lee

Internal Vice President: Mark Keller

External Vice President: Stephanie Du, Rishab Gupta

Treasurer: Brandan Taing

Mentorship Chair: Katie Dao

Alumni and Outreach Chair: Mitchel Rogers

Secretary: Lois Bai

Publicity Chair: Nathan Koketsu

Webmaster: Alyssa Vu

Family Head: Nolan Origer, Julia Zueck, Kiko Galang, Michael Soebroto

Travel Chair: Avi Kister

External Affairs Committee: Ashley Pezikian, Sasha Grischenko

Project Lead: Alan Huang

Chem-E-Car Leads: Pavni Misra, Jerry Lai, Brandon Lai

LEAP Leads: Nate Torres, Jesus Muneton

ChIP: Paige Heimbach, Jaslyn Brar 



  • Career Fair
  • Company Infosessions
  • Company Tours
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Professor Networking Events
  • Technical Projects (Chem-E-Car, LEAP, ChIP)
  • Alumni and Outreach Events
  • Mentorship Gatherings
  • Family and Social Events
  • Technical Projects (Chem-E-Car, LEAP, ChIP)
  • Chemical Engineering Banquet