CBE Graduate Student Committee (GSC)


Our members come from all over the world. Multinational and multicultural backgrounds provide a diversified research and cooperation environment. We pursue, and practice team spirit. We are a team, which is engineered for the success of tomorrow!


Committee Team

President : Defu Li
Vice President of Internal Affairs:   George Yan
Vice President of EXternal Affairs:  John Neilsen
Event Chair: Vaidish Sumaria
Treasurer: Yichi Zhang
Industry Outreach Director: Scarlett Chen
Industry Outreach Director: Ehsan Shirzaei Sani
Industry Outreach Director: Brian Walker
Social Chair: Roxanne Castillo
Social Chair: John Billingsley
Social Chair: Shilin Chen
GSC volunteer: Otto Chang



  • Coffee Hour
  • Happy Hour
  • Research Symposium
  • Industry Outreach Program
  • Banquet
  • New Student Open House & Orientation
  • Field trip
  • Barbeques
  • Career Development Workshop
  • Fellowship/Scholarship Workshop
  • Alumni Network
  • Research Seminar


 UCLA Samueli Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering