Graduate Admissions

Decide on a Program: 

–  Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

–  Thesis Master’s Degree

–  Master’s Degree in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Decide on a Faculty Adviser:

  • All Ph.D. and M.S. candidates including ESAP are required on the application to select at least one faculty advisor.  It is important that you contact the faculty by email directly.
  • There are no rotations between labs.
  • Students are selected to the Ph.D. or M.S. program by one of the faculty selected.  This will be your research advisor for the program.
  • A Ph.D. student is permitted to also apply for a M.S. degree during the Ph.D. program but before the advance to candidacy.
  • A student does not need to have a M.S degree in order to apply for the Ph.D. program.

Application Deadline :

– The application deadline is December 31st for the following fall quarter.  All required application materials must be received by the application deadline including the online application, most current uploaded unofficial transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation requests sent to recommenders. There are no exceptions.  You are not required to have the official transcripts mailed to the department unless requested.  Please do not contact the department to verify if materials have been received.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit required application materials by the application deadline.

Tuition and Financial Aid:

For a tuition and fees estimate please see the Registrar’s Office website.  Ph.D. candidates are fully supported by the department (stipend, tuition & fees).  Applicants should directly contact the faculty research advisers selected regarding funding.  M.S. candidates including ESAP are self-supported.  If you are interested in applying to a fellowship please review the fellowships website.


Online Application:

– The online application for M.S. and Ph.D. programs for Fall is available in mid-September the year prior to your intended start.

– The minimum undergraduate GPA requirement for a Ph.D. is 3.5 and MS is 3.2.  We require only the Cumulative GPA.

– GRE is optional

Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose are required and there are no formatting requirements.  The Department Supplement is not required.

If you are selected by the admission committee, you will be asked to have your school email your transcripts and other documents by the deadline date. Alternatively, transcripts can be mailed to: UCLA, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 5531 Boelter Hall, 420 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1592.

International Applicant information      

 – English Requirement. Please follow the instructions on this website for TOEFL and IELTS  English Requirement website


Denied Students

– The admission committee conducts a comprehensive and thorough review of each application.  We are unable to offer specific reasons for denial.  While we do not wish to deny applicants’ admission to UCLA, but the department program is extremely competitive with generally more qualified applications than allotted slots for new students.  If you do have any question you should contact the faculty adviser you selected in your application.


Important Information for New and Current Students click here



We Highly recommend that applicants take these courses or something comparable in order to help them succeed in program. Please see Undergraduate website.

a. Thermodynamics I and II

b. Transport Phenomena I and II

c. Chemical Reaction Engineering

In your admission application you will have only two choices, PhD or MS.  If you select MS you will be automatically admitted as a Thesis Masters student.  In the Thesis Masters you can select from our core research areas, Biomolecular Engineering, Energy and the Environment, Nano-Engineering, Process Systems Engineering and Semiconductor Manufacturing.  If you are interested in the Masters Degree in Semiconductor Manufacturing you would still select MS, contact Prof. Jane Chang and include your interest in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Program in your statement of purpose essay.

Applicants not having adequate preparation may be admitted provisionally and may be required to undertake certain remedial coursework, which would not be applicable towards the degree.  On arrival at UCLA, an advisor helps the student plan a program, which can remedy any deficiencies.  Our yearly average enrollment  is 30 students.

Each department in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has a faculty graduate advisor.  A current list of graduate advisers can be obtained from the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, 6246 Boelter Hall,.

Students are assigned a faculty research advisor upon admission to the School.  The department will consider changing an advisor upon written request from the student in consultation with the faculty graduate advisor.  There is no rotational program in different labs.

Provisionally admitted students meet with the faculty graduate advisor upon matriculation to plan a course of study to remedy any deficiencies.

During the second quarter in residence, students should arrange an appointment as early as possible with their faculty research advisor to plan the proposed program of study toward degree.  Continuing students are required to confer with their research advisor during the time of enrollment each quarter so that progress can be assessed and the study list approved.

Based on the quarterly transcripts, student records are reviewed at the end of each quarter by the departmental faculty graduate advisor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  Special attention is given if students were admitted provisionally, or are on probation.  If their progress is unsatisfactory, students are informed of this in writing by the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.

Students who receive teaching or research assistantships must receive approval from their research advisor or the departmental faculty graduate adviser to add or drop courses.

Students are strongly urged to consult with the Student Affairs Officer and/or the Office of Academic and Student Affairs regarding procedures, requirements and implementation of the policies.  In particular, advice should be sought on advancement to candidacy, on the procedures for taking examination and on the use of the Filing Fee.


See the M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Requirements pages for additional information on the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate program at UCLA.