(Content excerpted from an Arizona Engineer article by Jill Goetz.)

Simon Karecki Award recognizes Kun-Chieh “Jack” Chen for developing cleaner etching techniques.

The ERC presented the 2015 Simon Karecki Award to Kun-Chieh “Jack” Chen a doctoral student in chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, on April 1 during its annual meeting in Tucson, Arizona.

Chen investigates alternative, nontoxic chemical etching processes for making silicon chips without perfluoro compounds, the most widely used chemicals in semiconductor manufacturing. He works with Jane P. Chang, the UCLA William F. Seyer chair in materials electrochemistry, who was one of three dozen ERC researchers presenting their work to nearly 80 university and industry scientists at the annual meeting.

Jack Chen is the first student from UCLA to receive the Simon Karecki Award. Previous recipients have included several from the University of Arizona and others from Stanford, MIT and Cornell.