Chemical Engineering PhD student Ehsan Shirzaei Sani received Best Poster Award (Biomaterials Session) at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting last week in

Pittsburgh. Ehsan, a member of the Annabi Lab (Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine), presented on his project entitled, “An

antimicrobial and osteoinductive adhesive for treatment of peri-implant diseases.”


As dental implants have become the standard of care for tooth replacement, the number of patients affected by peri-implant diseases (PIDs) is increasing. These diseases are characterized by the inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the implants, infection, and bone loss around the implants. Since implant placements continue increasing, it is predicted that PIDs will become one of the most significant dental diseases of the future. In the current study, we aimed to engineer a novel novel antimicrobial and osteoinductive hydrogel adhesive for treatment of PIDs. The engineered hydrogels are composed of gelatin-based bioadhesive hydrogel, osteoinductive nanoparticles, and antimicrobial agents. The photocrosslinkable osteoinductive gelatin-based hydrogels showed high antimicrobial properties and exhibited high cytocompatibility and osteogenic differentiation in vitro using human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and bone marrow stromal cells (W-20-17). In adhesion, the in vivo application of adhesive hydrogels using a mouse calvarial defect model showed high stability and bone regenerative capacity. We envision that the engineered hydrogel adhesives may constitute an effective strategy to prevent bacterial infection and promote bone regeneration around dental implants.